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"Never work for FREE for people who take it for GRANTED!"

So, those issues have been collected for a while but with some help today it is a time to bring them up. No, I am not afraid that no one will want to work with me! I have a job that pays my bills! All those issue about work ethic and if you don't share them, we are not going to work together! No regrets though! LOL


Let me make it clear that it is NOT ok to be late! No minute, no two, not 10 min. If we agreed to meet at 11:00, everything after 11:00:00 is too late. No one gave you or me the right to decide how to spend our time! It is not ok to text after you are already LATE for 2 min that you will be in 10 min! So, leave 10 min earlier to do not be late. Well, if it's a paid shoot, your time starts at the scheduled time and I don't care if you are late for 3 hours and have only an hour of my time for photoshoot, you pay for all 4. Rough?! I would say FAIR!

The right way to do is to text evening before photoshoot to confirm everything, text the moment you leave home/start your car just to make sure that another person did not oversleep ( just kidding) and text if you stuck in traffic or anything happened.

Have I ever been late?! Yes! I was late like for 7(?) min.... Because I spend 45 min on Triborough Bridge in New York, NY. Simple math shows that I had plenty of time to make sure that I would not be late. Yes, you can not predict everything but it's ok to take some reasonable steps to be on time. Sorry Mike!!!


You book a photo shoot, not a date! Sex is not included! Yes, some photographers think that it's a part of a deal! It is no need for you to touch me or hug me, unless we are the good friends! I can adjust my breasts and correct my panties my self! Thank you! And don't forget that photoshoot is about photos and art not about my life confession, no need to be offended if I don't want to talk to you about my life! I don't ask about yours unless you started!


Let's get serious. Gmail, hotmail, yahho- is not an email. You want to look professional - get a real email with your/brand name., FB - is not a web site. If I ask to see your work I don't mean to browse your personal FB page searching for professional photos among photos from your vacation, your family or pizza time. Get a real web site ( many companies let you create your own web for free the only downside is that you will have advertisement on your web). Name.... Well, sweetprincese73 is not a name! Grow up and use a serious name. Don't want to use your real name, create your brand name and use it! And by the way it's ok to have the SAME name on ALL of your social media! Don't expect me to guessing who you are! Get real!


About some sensitive topic.

I personally don't shoot nudes. Do I like to look at nudes/art pics! Let me explain "what and why"! Don't forget that shooting nudes and creating art are not the same! I am sure you have seen some awesome pictures! Art photos! And the thought that the person on the photo is actually has no clothe don't even come on your mind! You just enjoy lines, muscles, eyes, smile, shoulder, light, composition.... Well, it's art! And some guys with cameras just think that taking pictures of naked girls will make them a photographers... Sorry, it is not going to happens!


Photoshop.... Yes, I know that I am not 18 and my body is not perfect - don't bother to tell me so! I have wrinkles and freckles and I am ok with that! You book me, you do with pics what ever we agreed in a model release! I have an alternative to photoshop for you - learn photography!!!! Yes, if you learn how to use light and angles, you would need photoshop just for a simple " hide pimple" or "correct brightness" not to make person unrecognizable!!!!

MAKE UP 101!

So, you call your self a make up artist and you ask me to bring my own foundation?! Hmmm.... Well, I DON'T use and I DON'T have any foundation, I use only a powder. I kind of expect you as a make up artist to have it! Wow, now you are using the SAME brushes and products on every model with out cleaning and sanitize them?! I mean brushes and products not models! LOL! And now you are applying a lipstick directly from the tube or lip gloss with non disposable applicator!? That is a crime!!!! What about make up 101?!


Well, you asked me to work for you for free. So, I had some free time and agree. Today you email me that tomorrow we have a fitting. That quite a short notice. So, I canceled MY plans or push them. I arrived to the location 30 min before scheduled time. And found out that the address you gave me is not the actual address, it is a general address for at least 10 different places on that location. Ok, now we are texting and I am trying to find out gate, name any that give me more precise information. And we are doing it for 30 min! And during that period of time you gave me some wrong information and numbers and don't even know about that place! And by the way you are the one who is responsible for all organisation process!!!

So, finally I am on location only to find out that I can not go in for the next 30 min?! Is this what you call to being a professional?! I don't even know where to point first because EVERYTHING is wrong! Professionalism comes with EXPERIENCE! I got it! But respect comes with GENS!


So, you may not realize how important to agreed on all details: outfits, place, time, rates, expectations etc in written until one day you face the rough reality! Yes, you will need to have it in case some one ask you to do something you did not agree in previous conversation. Or some people like to reschedule and reschedule, and reschedule and then change their mind from summer dress to lingerie....Don't put your self in trouble get details in written( email, FB any message exchange that you can keep as a prove). I don't like surprises! Do you?!

Am I perfect?! NO WAY!!!! LOL But I know what I am looking for!

Save and respectful work!

Have fun!

You are welcome to leave your comments!

And I will really appreciate if you will use English not a Bad English :)

P.S. I am planning to do some Q&A video,

so you can leave your questions below as well,

just don't ask personal questions!

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